Longitud: E16°26´9 | Latitud: N56°58´0



Welcome to Timmernabben

The Guest harbour is open from the 16th of June until the 16th August

The Harbour Master can be reached on mobile phone#:

 +46705562436 between 08.00-10.00 and 18.00-20.00.

As Guest moorings, use one of the buoys in the Guest harbor (outer basin) or on the outer bridge in the inner basin. Even other free moorings with green sign can be used after having consulted the Harbour master.

Code for access of the service building, half-timber work house, is given by the harbor master.

Our shipping museum is open:

 Wednesdays 17.00-20.00 and Sundays 14.00-17.00 or any other time after consulting the Harbour master.

Information regarding different services in the village you can find on the information board or from the Harbour master.

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You can even buy a special nautical chart, showing our waterway to Mönsterås. Price SEK 200:-

The charge this year is SEK 200:- per 24-hours including water, WiFi and electricity

We wish you a pleasant stay in Timmernabben